Report a Repair

Out-of-hour repair requests

Only EMERGENCY requests can be reported outside of working hours.

If you have an emergency that you need to report, please telephone Cirencester Housing’s dedicated Repairs free phone number 0800 0418377

Some tenants are phoning out-of-hours to report a repair when it is not an emergency. Cirencester Housing will recharge tenants for calls made to our 0800 0418377 out-of-hours that are clearly not an emergency.

You may report a non-emergency repair out-of-hours by leaving a voice mail on Cirencester Housing’s main number 01285 658377 or email or by completing the contact form on the website..

Reporting a Repair

You can report all repairs by phoning Cirencester Housing’s free phone Repairs 0800 0418377. The call will be forwarded to our repairs contractor, NKS Contracts.

Non-emergency repairs can be reported during the following hours:

Monday - Thursday 8:30AM - 5:00PM

Friday 8:30 - 4:30PM

Out of hours emergency repairs are reported by phoning the same number, 0800 0418377.

We welcome your feedback, if you have any comments about our repairs service, please Contact Us

Repair response times

Covid-19 Update: Repair completion times will vary depending on availability of materials and tradespersons to do the specific work.  NKS and Cirencester Housing will endeavour to respond to all repair requests within 3 working days from the time you report it to schedule an appointment or to inform you the actions being taken in response to your repair request.

If you report a repair and do not hear from our contractor to schedule the appointments, please speak to NKS directly and let us know by phoning or emailing us.

All our repairs are classified with allocated response times depending on the nature of the work.

  • Emergency Repairs – NKS will respond as soon as possible and always within 1 working days
  • Routine Repairs – NKS will complete the repair within 10 working days

If you make an appointment and do not keep it, our contractors charge us for the missed appointment and we will in turn charge you.