Shared Ownership Homes

Cirencester Housing offers homes on a Shared Ownership basis, a fantastic and affordable way to purchase a home.

Churnbridge Row, North Cerney home for sale

We are pleased to offer a new built home on a rural exception site which has local connection requirements.  In order to ensure it remains as an affordable home for local people in perpetuity, the home is restricted to 80% staircasing of ownership.  To find out more, please contact our agent, English Rural on 020 7820 7930, option 2,

A downloadable information pack is available HERE


Buying a home from us

Cirencester Housing is pleased to offer homes on a Shared Ownership basis.

If you can’t quite afford the mortgage on 100% of a home, Shared Ownership offers you the chance to buy a share of your home (between 25% and 75% of the home’s value) and pay rent on the remaining share. Later on, you could buy bigger shares when you can afford to. Some homes may be restricted to purchasing a maximum of 80%.  To learn more, visit the government’s Help To Buy website.

Buying a Shared Ownership home results in a mortgage and rent that may be less than if you brought a property outright. Your home will be yours and you will have all the rights and responsibilities of being a home owner.

When we have Shared Ownership homes available for sale, we will advertise them on our website and place an announcement on our News feed until they are sold.