Rural Developments

Cirencester Housing is passionate about working with local communities, land owners and parishes to increase the number of affordable homes available in rural and village communities throughout the Cotswolds.

Affordable Homes for Local People

The lack of affordable homes is a big problem affecting the rural communities across England and this is no less the case here in the Cotswolds. There are many factors, including limited investment in delivering affordable homes that have contributed to this crisis and many local households, who are critical to the welfare of their communities, are forced to move or live elsewhere due to the lack of suitable or affordable homes.

England has seen unpredictable levels of the loss of amenities in rural areas such as schools, post offices, shops and pubs in the recent years. Much of this is due to lack of affordable and suitable homes for people who love and work in rural communities. The competition for rural property means on average prices are 25% higher than in urban areas, and only 8% of rural housing is affordable compared to 20% or urban housing.


Our Commitment to Rural Communities.

We champion the use of Rural Exception sites to bring affordable high-quality homes to rural communities.

We take a community-led approach to development and will work with community groups to tackle the rural housing crisis.

Working closely with the local community and Parish Council we will find the right site and sensitivity design high quality homes to high environmental standards giving qualifying local people in need of housing first priority on every home. We ensure that affordable homes will always stay affordable and that we will always provide a good quality and local management service to our residents whilst maintaining a positive response to the local community.


Our Partners

We have partnered with English Rural a specialist provider of community-led, affordable rural homes and one of the leading national advocates on affordable rural housing issues. Together we will endeavour to build affordable homes in rural villages helping to build and keep communities together.


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Are you a landowner?
Are you a landowner or developer?

New and affordable homes is an essential part of building our communities. To find out more about our approach and developing your community please get in touch.

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