posted in News Reports on 20th December

Complaint Handling Self Assessment

Cirencester Housing subscribes to the Housing Ombudsman service which is a requirement of being a registered housing provider. In July 2020 the Housing Ombudsman revised its Complaint Handling Code requiring all its members to undertake a self-assessment against the Code by 31-Dec-2020 and to publish the results of that self-assessment.

The Code has been revised to promote the effective handling and prevention alongside learning and development. Learn more by visiting the Housing Ombudsman website:

Cirencester Housing has completed the self-assessment and identified we are substantially compliant with the code, noting areas where we need to adjust our policy and handling of complaints to be fully in line with the Code. This includes:

  • Updating our definition of what constitutes a complaint
  • Adding a reasonable adjustments provision to our complaint handling policy
  • Improving our target time for responding to complaints

We will be updating our complaint policy to comply with the 2020 Complaints Code.

We will be consulting on the policy. If you would like to participate on the consultation, please email or phone us to register your interest.

We anticipate an updated Complaint Handling policy will be approved and released by 31st March 2021.

Cirencester Housing’s current complaint policy is viewable by clicking the below link.

Complaints Policy Download