Paying Your Rent

Your rent is a very important payment that you make each week or month. There are many ways in which you can pay your rent quickly and easily with no stress.

Paying your Rent

Your tenancy agreement with Cirencester Housing will identify the frequency for paying your rent – weekly or monthly.  All rent is due in advance. If you pay weekly, your rent is due on Monday of each week. If you pay monthly, your rent is due on the 1st of every month.



Cirencester Housing uses the allpay service to offer tenants several options to pay their rent.

You will need an allpay card to make any of these payments, with the exception of direct debits. If you lose your allpay card and request a replacement, you may be charged for the replacement card.

Payments in the office are only accepted in emergency circumstances or by prior arrangement.

If you are having problems paying your rent please contact Cirencester Housing immediately for guidance.

Pay Rent

Login to your allpay account and make a payment or contact us to discuss paying your rent.

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Rent & Service Charges

Paying your rent and service charges is essential to keeping your home. We have provided further information about your rent and service charges, what paying in advance means and how we can support you if your having difficulty paying rent.

Rent and Service Charge Setting Policy

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Helpful Orgnisations

Where possible, we will always be happy to assist you with your queries; however, there are some occasions where we would advise you to contact someone else to get support or advice. Below are links to website contact details that you may find useful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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