Our Heritage

Cirencester Housing has never had total control over its own destiny and has spent 70 years adapting to the ever-changing environment in which it works. What is abundantly clear is an unchanging aim running through all that it has done since 1949, remaining true today and into our future. To provide decent homes for local people and respect for its tenants.


Cirencester Housing was formed in 1949 by a small group of people who were passionate about providing homes in a post-war Britain that was facing its worst housing crisis for some time.

A new approach to supplying people with houses was needed. This led to a variety of innovative housing ideas across the country.

Despite having to overcome more challenges along the way, Cirencester Housing continued to increase the number of affordable houses by purchasing properties from the open market and obtaining money for development from the government, private lenders and by using our own reserves.

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved at Cirencester Housing in the last 70 years. We hope this short history will show you why, as we look forward to the years ahead.


All of us at Cirencester Housing truly respect and care for the people who live in our homes and those who need homes. As we have done for 70 years, Cirencester Housing will steadfastly provide homes and a personal caring service to our customers and we hope to do so for many more customers during the next 70 years.
Maureen Margrie
Chief Executive
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